What’s Wrong With You

I walk into the gas station, late on my way to work, but in a great mood. Because last night was AMAZING.

Anyways, I walk up to get a fountain drink and this other guy grabs a cup at the same time.

We both get our ice at the same time. And from what I could tell the same amount.

As we start to fill up our drinks, mine with Coke, his with Pepsi, it starts getting really tense. You can feel the excitement building. People are starting to look at us, and I am getting really anxious.

Who is going to win this race of beverage filling?!?! I had my cup tipped slightly to the side. It lessens the foaming in the cup. As it fills up, you start to turn it upright to top it off. I looked over at the other guy and he was filling his cup just as sloppy as he was dressed. His cup was all wobbly, it was splashing all over the ice. There was no way he was going to beat me.

So as I finished my perfect pour, before him, I jumped back with my hands away from the cup and yelled ” I win!” He looked over at me and just growled “What the hell is wrong with you? It isn’t a damn contest!”

I guess I would be ornery too if I couldn’t fill a soda cup right.

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