Mohawk VS Fauxhawk

Guess which one – 
Believes in anarchy – Believes in one size too small shirts
Swears to boycott name brands – Swears by name brand hair product
Has popped a cap in someone – Has popped a collar
Hasn’t showered in 3 days – Has showered 3 times today
Knows how to use a tool – Is a tool
Gets spotted by the police – Gets spotted by his bro at the gym
Slapped a females backside – Is in touch with his feminine side
Uses warehouses with pallets for a bed – Uses only tanning beds with new bulbs
Mocks you for conforming to society – Mocks you for not moisturizing
Thinks political and social stories are a hot topic – Thinks Hot Topic is edgy
Would die for his beliefs – Would die if you spilled your drink on his new shirt
Will never sell out – Will never miss a sale
Can’t stand capitalistic twits – Doesn’t use capitals in his tweets
Questions authority – Questions his sexuality

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