My Daughter’s a Jerk

The Johnson’s

Fan. My daughters a fan of The Jerk. There is something so heart warming and wonderful about watching someone acquire good great taste.

The other night I sat down and turned on The Jerk. My daughter immediately got up to leave. I said whoa! This here’s a classic. She rolled her eyes at me, sat down and whipped out her cell phone to start texting. And then the first line was uttered in the movie by Steve Martin:

“I was born a poor black child.”

She looked over at me like she heard something she wasn’t supposed to. I smiled. She was hooked. We watched Navin Johnson grow into a man. We watched him learn how to dance and keep rhythm. We learned about one man’s hatred for cans. We met Sh!thead. We saw the Opti-Grab be born. We sang “I’m picking out a thermos for you!”

And now all she wants for her birthday is a paddle game. And this remote control. And these matches. And this lamp. And this chair for sure. And that’s all she needs.

Color me proud.

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