Raiders of the Missing Scene

I’m sure you have watched Raiders of the Lost Ark. If you haven’t then you are either 13 or had stuff to do outside growing up with other people in real life. I always remembered Indiana Jones as the bare knuckled hero saving the day. He showed up to sword fights with a gun. He had girlfriends that he never called the next day like he promised and they still wanted him. I remember the end of the movie being scary and intense. There were ghosts flying around everywhere attacking people. There was killer lightning barreling through chests and eye sockets and ruining peoples day. The bad guy had his face removed by melt, like an estheticians nightmare. Nazi remains strewn about the ground like togas at a frat house the morning after a party. And Indy kept his hat on the whole time this fantastical ending took place.
Want to know what really happens at the end of the movie? Nothing. Go back and watch it. Everything that Indiana did really doesn’t matter. The gun fight, the rolling boulder, the snakes, getting the crap kicked out of him, the truck chase – all of it for nothing.
At the end of the movie all he did was close his eyes. That was it. Everyone else died because they looked. If he hadn’t of been there they all would have died anyways. And finding this knowledge out now is so disheartening. One of the big action heroes of my day basically told a whole generation that it is OK to look away from the danger or issues that are going to harm you. Just ignore them and they will go away like homeless people. And this has to be the biggest anti-climatic ending ever: The one where he closed his eyes.
Until I think of a worse movie ending.

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3 responses to “Raiders of the Missing Scene”

  1. Charity says :

    Hey im 13 and i love Indaina Jones!! Its the best!- B


  2. DJ says :

    But you had parents who cared enough to make you watch hundreds of hours of movies to be properly educated!


  3. Charity says :

    Say it isnt so Brass!


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