Here’s Your Helmet

This is how you build character

Some psychologists and specialists are starting to find something that most of us already know – That our kids are turning into giant wusses. But the great part is that the playgrounds are to blame.

There is a trend in children growing up now on the safe playgrounds where they are being conditioned to avoid anything, well, fun. With the addition of the new ‘enclosed’ playgrounds, shorter slides and monkey bars, there is nothing for kids to test their might on or challenge themselves with. We have changed playgrounds from being on asphalt to rubber and shredded tires.

Kids have lost the urge to conquer the fear of the big rocket slide or the giant monkey bars. And without this challenge facing them on the playground, they are becoming more and more scared of real life obstacles that aren’t fenced in or are too high off the ground. Psychologists have found that kids who fall from heights when they are under 9 have a less chance of developing a fear of heights as they grow older. Gee, do you think that is because they learned that you can get up and try again?

Children learn to take risks progressively. They work their way up to the big obstacles. But when your playground or what you allow your kids to play with leaves little room to grow or progress, they lose interest and later in life don’t have the ambition to move pass the initial trial.

The last hilarious side effect from all these padded and shortened playgrounds and play areas? Kids are hurting themselves more often and more severely in later years because when you learn to play on something that doesn’t let you get hurt in your youth, you automatically assume life is that way. Keep this in mind the next time your kid falls. Watch them get back up and try again and learn from it.

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