Hold My Baby

My wife has been drilling into our kids heads what to do if they become lost or separated from us while out in public. She has been using the Standing Tall and Safety Kid songs (link here) as a joke to me, but with those songs messages to Boston and Avery. And it is working. Before going to the rodeo last night They told us to be good, remember where we are, and if we get lost to find a grandma or mother with children.

I got to use this yesterday. For myself.

While hiking Doughnut Falls yesterday, we stopped at a clearing to have lunch with the kids. There was a bridge over the river and it was kryptonite to Boston staying put. So I walked over with Boston and Lincoln and we sat on the edge of the bridge watching the water. There was a group of Young Women that had stopped there as well. When I looked down at Lincoln he had kicked his shoe off into the river.

I don’t know how many of you have bought your 9 month old a nicer pair of shoes, that actually fit, but if you have then you know that you need to keep those shoes in a pair. I barely caught a glimpse of the shoe as it was hung up on branch ten feet from me. In a fast current. So what did I do? My wife was eating with Avery to far away to yell to, and Boston is 4 so he’s not much help here. . .

I turned to the Young Women leader behind me and said “Hold my baby real quick? Thanks!” I didn’t give her time to answer. I jumped down the bank and got his shoe out of the river! The only bad part was when my wife looked up at the bridge with no railing and saw I was missing, Boston was standing there alone with girls and some random lady was holding our son. And everyone is staring at this superhero (me) reaching down the edge into the water trying to rescue a 6 inch shoe. I didn’t mean to give my wife a heart attack.

But I saved the shoe! And I used the song that has been drilled into my head even when I was young. I found a mom or woman with children to help me.

I’m a Safety Kid!

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