There is a good chance we invented parkour on accident 20+ years ago.

When we were just hitting the awesome teen years we had already used every square inch of the empty fields in our neighborhoods, figured out how to black out the block, and knew the best snowball escape paths.

That is when we discovered parkour. Well, more like the special olympics of parkour. We called it wall walking. All of the backyards in the neighborhood had cinder block fences. And they all connected. So we would meet up at one end, and walk all through the neighborhood at night. Mostly looking into people’s living rooms and  kitchens.

We would sit and figure out what they were talking about or doing. And if they were boring – we would make stuff up. Or figure out ways to torture people. Like penny tapping, or doorbell ditching (we didn’t use that name back then) or prank phone calls (pre caller ID!). Because we were honest and loyal scouts. And we had all sorts of free time. The internet wasn’t invented yet.

So if you lived in my neighborhood growing up, there is a fantastic chance we watched your dysfunctional family figure out who sits where at the dinner table while giving everyone either a gay lisp or a British accent during your meal. I guess nowadays you would sit at home and text each other with different fonts while linking to pictures on a random blog site to be as cool as we were.

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