Glee 3D Made You Gay

Some of you this weekend took one for the team with their girlfriend or wife. After watching Glee 3D, some men have noticed new traits in themselves, and they aren’t sure if it means they are now gay or a better person. Here is the list of symptoms. Besides the fact you saw Glee 3D.

(There is hope – I watch all 3 Step Up movies, Footloose, Girls Just Want To Have Fun, You Got Served and Breakin on a regular basis, and still retain my awesomeness. And enjoy a great sale. And desperately want to win a dance battle. . .)

You use a loofah in the shower now.

You threw a slurpee in your own face.

You see more than one shade of blue everywhere.

You now know more than 6 people named Bruce.

$100 jeans sound reasonable.

Your favorite fruit is a banana.

You are packing away your white shirts for the winter.

Bad day? Mani – Pedi’s!

The 3 R’s now stand for Reduce, Reuse and Redecorate.

Instead of fighting, you threaten to scratch people’s eyes out.

You have a queer taste in your mouth.

You wish you could fit into that size.

You don’t eat Fruit Loops anymore because you find them offensive.

You now have a favorite Housewife in each city.

You sing out loud at random. And play multiple parts while at it.

Your toiletries cost triple what your wife’s do.

You now know everything about everybody at work.

You suddenly want to travel.

Your friends can’t believe how hot Megan Fox is. You can’t believe she wore that top with those shoes.

You are constantly aware of your weight.

Instead of Yo Mama jokes you now use Yo Designa jokes.

You saw the Glee movie.

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