Racist Money

Here is something that will stick in your head for a while. Once I heard it, it’s all I ever notice when I look at my money. All of your change in your pocket? I’m pretty sure it is racist. I haven’t read any books or done any type of study or online poll. There are just some very odd consistencies with American currency that has to be a coincidence. Right? I tried to find a pun in COINcidence but failed. Check this out –

All of the white (silver) coins have turned their backs on the dark coins. And on the dark coins are Sacajawea (not white) and President Lincoln, who freed the slaves. Sure this might be a conspiracy theory, but this seems pretty obvious. And the two most useless coins we have? The dollar coin and pennies. Only complete jerks take a stack of dollar coins to the stripper bar, and everyone leaves their pennies laying around. The good news is that with the way our money is being printed and handled right now coins won’t even matter in a few years.

They have had decades to correct this problem with the penny when they made the new dollar coin. But nope. Apparently we still turn our backs on poor Sacajawea as well. For all of you who haven’t had time to go see The Help, this should make you feel guilty enough until then.

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One response to “Racist Money”

  1. zmb says :

    actually… there is a very east remedy for this sillyness… just put the "dark" coins on the left side and then everybody is facing each other, posed to hug… aaawww sweet!


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