Unedited Movies #2

This is too good and made it into the final cut of the movie and DVD. At the end of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, it shows the Marauders Map during the credits. In the bottom left corner it shows two sets of footprints doing what can only be described as missionary. IMDB claims they are kissing footprints. You decide. And at the end – Why is Harry’s hand in Ron’s pocket?

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2 responses to “Unedited Movies #2”

  1. zmb says :

    SOoooo… Wait! Missionary is done while standing and with shoes on? Hmmm.. Apparently I've been doing in wrong. If i were to guess tho, I'd say hug!


  2. DeanJ says :

    It has to be done standing with shoes on. I have never seen a missionary without clothes or laying down.


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