Sacrifices, Gods, swastika’s, hammers, Elizabeth Shue, regenerating goats, accidentally gaining to much muscle, even the day before Friday? Yup. Thor is pretty amazing.

On September 13th, Thor will be released on DVD so you can watch the Almighty do battle in your living room. It also happens to be a great film for kids as well.

Today I will share the little known facts about Thor you can dazzle your co-workers with. Or annoy everyone. Whichever comes first. All of the highlighted words link back to the actual page source if you feel like reading more.

Thor is the God of Thunder.

He is the son of Odin, the God of War.

That day before Friday? Thursday is named after Thor.

The symbol used to identify you under the protection of Thor was the swastika, until Hitler ruined it for everybody.

Thor saved the day in Adventures In Babysitting.

Thor had two magical goats. He could eat them each night, and in the morning resurrect them with his hammer. As long as he never broke the goats bones.

They were originally going to cast Chris Hemsworth’s younger brother as Thor. Don’t feel too bad, he’ll be Gale in The Hunger Games.

Chris bulked up so much for the role of Thor, he didn’t fit in the costume.

Thor, unlike his dad, did not require human sacrifice.

The only person stronger than Thor was his son Magni.

The only character Marvel could come up with to rival Superman was an actual God.

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