Everytime I Hear

Part 2 found HERE.

When I hear Beyonce’s ‘You Shoulda Put A Ring On It‘ it makes me want to walk stupid.

When I hear ‘Send Me An Angel‘ I want to dance on a BMX bike.
When I hear ‘Dance Into Heaven‘ I want Janie to win the DTV dance competition.
When I hear ‘Cry Little Sister‘ I think of mullets and The Frog Brothers.
When I hear ‘Danger Zone‘ I think of the gayest volleyball game ever.
When I hear ‘Everything I Do, I Do It For You‘ I think of black guys with freckles.

When I hear ‘Don’t You Forget About Me‘ I think of white people dancing.

When I hear ‘The Time Of My Life‘ I think of how dancing made abortion OK.
When I hear ‘Good Enough‘ I think of Brandon learning how to exercise.
Thanks to Greg Orme, every time I hear Miley Cyrus I automatically assume she smells like taco meat.

Part 2 found HERE.

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