For The Betterment Of Students

Every group has that one special reject that gives them a bad name. Food has Taco Bell. People have teenagers. Asians have bad drivers. Reality has the Hilton’s and the Kardashian’s. And education has Steve Cuckovick. He is the genius teacher from California that has banned saying ‘Bless You’ in his classroom. Because (click on quote for full article) –

“The blessing doesn’t make any sense anymore. When you sneeze, in the old days, they thought you were dispelling evil spirits out of your body. So, they are saying god bless you for getting rid of the evil spirits. But today, what I said is what your doing doesn’t make any sense anymore,” said Cuckovick. In addition he deducts 25 points from the students grade on each occurrence.

He claims that it wastes his students time and his, and distracts the whole class. I thought stopping your lesson and deducting someone’s grade for being polite would be the bigger distraction, but I also voted for Crystal Pepsi so what do I know.

So here is my list of further distractions I would like removed from classrooms and life in general. For my kids betterment.

1 – Cheerleaders – I am there to watch the boys grab each other and slap each others bums and chest bump. Not some hot girls having kart wheel contests.

2 – Opening doors for girls – So now the boys are late for class because they have to be polite to all of the girls. If they want equality they need to open their own doors. This shouldn’t affect dating or gender relationships at all.

3 – Saying excuse me – Real life happens. You either accept the fart/burp/cough and move on, or never get over it and turn into a goth.

4 – Asking the teacher hard questions – because now you have to wait for a 10 minute diatribe about a completely different topic to avoid his admittance of lack of knowledge. He was too busy learning about distractions in college.

5 – Push-up bras – They distract men, and they are making a bigger deal out of something that really isn’t that big of a deal in the first place. False advertising.

6 – High school bands – I already assume every musician who is not signed to a label and on MTV sucks. I don’t need this reminder every Friday.

7 – Weekends – The students are spending all week planning for them, and the following week talking about them.

8 – The letter ‘C’ – Waste of time. Drop the letter, ‘K’ takes over, save time and effort.

9 – Group dating – Nothing gets done except now you know which girl/boy to avoid because of how annoying their group of friends are. Some people just aren’t worth dating because of their friends. Actually, keep this one. . .

10 – Vending machines – The kids are already to stupid to begin with. Now we are going to make them fat with candy and soda pop?

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One response to “For The Betterment Of Students”

  1. Aaron M. Green says :

    Over the past 100 years the government and other combinations have invested heavily in education. Of course, this was given the appearance as an "angel of light." Behind the scenes though was the start of controlling what the rising generation would be taught. Now most of our universities and colleges seem to be under the control of liberal staff who, themselves, were taught false foundations.


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