Ten Signs You Are A Mormon Teen

The top ten signs that you are an LDS youth. Because labeling is fun and educational!

10 – Guys – Your tie hasn’t been untied in 4 years.

9 – You’ve been ‘talked down’ after downing 3 Mountain Dews.

8 – You’ve said the same prayer at dinner for 9 years.

7 – Girls – Wearing 3 different T-shirts at the same time is normal.

6 – You know someone doesn’t have to die to eat Funeral Potatoes.

5 – Ladies  – A denim skirt is still fashionable.

4 – They say party, you hear ice cream social.

3 -Gals – T-shirt and a skirt = Sunday dress!

2 – Still wet is an acceptable hair style on Sunday.

1 – Boys – You fantasize about girls wearing dresses WITHOUT a white T-shirt underneath.

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