The Name’s Mom. Just Mom.


Stereotypes were so much easier in the 50’s

Something has been bothering me lately. And it’s not the fact that skinny jeans are still popular. It’s when people refer to Mom’s as stay at home mom’s. Somehow people forgot what a Mom actually is and then they had the indecency to misname them.

A Mom is the person who takes care of the kids. And since the kids live at home that is where the momming takes place. You don’t call a tree in the forest a stay in the forest tree. You don’t call water in the ocean stay in the ocean water. So it’s about time you stopped calling Mom’s stay at home mom’s. Their name is Mom. Any variation on that gets the new prefix attached. Like go to work mom, or find a babysitter so I can go out every night mom. Cause like Chris Rock said – If your baby calls his grandma mom and his mom by her first name he’s gonna rob me one day(edited for Mormons). Full fledged Mom’s doing battle in the home 24/7 are Mom’s. We can distinguish the rest with fun add on names.

What have you done all day!?

And before the PC police come bashing down the internet – Some mom’s have to work because times are rough. Some mom’s are single. Some are helping their husbands finish school. This group of mom’s are burning two ends of the candle, picking up slack without help and are doing the work of two. I have no idea how you do that.

And what is a home maker? When renewing my car insurance I was asked to verify if my wife’s job was still home maker. That killed me. Yes her paying job is home maker. I pay my wife in kids, she gets one every year or so. And her bonus is ingredients to make dinner with and cloth scraps to sew. WTH?!? They need to just put Mom on the list if they insist on having one. Because Mom is an entity that surrounds everything in your little diaper up to your post-pimple life.

When you reach into your lunch and your favorite food is in there or someone put the tomatoes and pickles in a separate baggy so the bread wouldn’t get soggy? Mom. When you told your secret to someone so your dad wouldn’t find out and get mad? Mom. When you go to get dressed and your clothes are mysteriously hanging or folded neatly? Mom. That cough you have that your dad told you to walk off? Mom is giving you something for it. And while you are enjoying all of this at school or work Mom is home performing feats that you won’t even notice or enjoy for days to come! Guess who planned dinner while teaching the kids how to share and not to hit? Mom. Personal chauffeur? Mom.

This photo is inappropriate

But the most important part of Mom is she is the one instilling (indoctrinating if you listen to too much talk radio) the values and principles in your children. Whether you’re LDS or not, you have morals that you want your child to be raised with. You want your children to grow up knowing right from wrong. If you are Mormon, and I am, I love knowing that while I am at work my wife is teaching them what we both believe in. And since the kids, and my wife, are worth it we sacrifice other material needs or wants to let this 10 year window of nurturing happen. I’m sure their are others out there that could teach our kids the gospel and what we value most in our home, but I want my kids to remember that their Mom was there everyday teaching and guiding them. And my wife wants to be there, so I do everything I can to make sure that happens. Because a Mom is the most sacred calling I know of.

So if you have a Mom that gave up her time and sacrificed the fancy cars and clothes and dinners to be with you during your infant years, or know of someone that is right now – please refer to them as Mom. Leave the stay at home part in the recycling bin. Oh, and if you are a stay at home dad and feel bad about the label? Walk it off or mow the lawn. It builds character.

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  1. Alison says :

    I really enjoyed your blog about Mom!


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