Yesterday Was A Good Day

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Had the day off yesterday and got to do one of my favorite things in the world. But before we get to that important item of business, we went to a pumpkin patch because Boston and Avery were begging to go. It was fun. I’ve never been and was shocked that it was cheaper than buying them in the store. My bad. So I did that. I felt like the awesomest city farmer ever. Yeah local farms. The only rule we gave the kids was you have to be able to lift the pumpkin. Which will work out great when we carve them since I always end up doing all of them.

Then before I did one of my favoritest things ever we ate lunch at IKEA. Why is lingon berry juice so good? And why do I only remember it when I am at IKEA? I immediately had to eat my 15 piece swedish meatballs. As soon as I enter those self assembled swedish doors of commerce I am magnetically drawn to the farm designed consumer herding area known as the cafeteria. Because why else on Earth would you go there? Don’t get me wrong, saving $50 is almost worth assembling all of your furniture that you tie to the roof of your car, but come on. IKEA is where you go to eat swedish meatballs and remember you like lingon berries and lingon juice.

Then I got to do one of my most favoritest bestest things ever. You ready? Me, Avery and Boston ate dinner at Target. That’s right. A few years ago I found out something about me, Boss Man and Avery. We love Target’s nacho’s and pretzel’s with extra cheese dipping sauce. You will notice my wife stayed home.

I don’t know what it is about that place with those two, but I love it. It’s just something only us 3 do. And afterwards we always have to walk around the toy isle’s and look. My kids are AMAZING at just looking and not crying to buy them a toy. It’s the best. We look at Star Wars and Bakugan. Then we wander over to the princesses and barbies. Then we browse the candy isle. Then we go back to the Star Wars isle where Avery points out everything she thinks Boston will like. Every time.

One of my favorite things in the world is to eat nacho’s and pretzels with extra cheese dipping sauce at Target with the Wonder Twins. Boston always finishes off the Coke, and Avery always licks anything the nacho cheese has been in clean. And I almost always spill something. It’s always just been our little gangs deal. It’s cheap and ghetto, and it’s ours. Couldn’t have been be happier.

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