Family Halloween Movies 3

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Looking for a reason to have the whole family clinging for dear life hugging on the living room sofa? Try love scaring them! Halloween is the best holiday ever. Until Christmas rolls back around. So until then, here is a running list of scary movies for Halloween, that the whole family can enjoy.

When I first saw Poltergeist I was around 10 years old. I had wandered over to a neighbors house, and in their unfinished basement on a big screen TV was Poltergeist. I was too scared to move, scream or run. I also later saw Aliens over there as well in similar circumstances. Kids over 13 on this one, because clowns, swimming pools, closets and little sisters will never be the same. One of the all time greats. I am still baffled that this is rated PG. . .

Simple – No sunlight, no food after midnight and never get him wet. That’s all you have to do to have your own Gizmo! Humor and horror are better than chocolate and peanut butter, so Gremlins is technically better than candy. It’s also one of the best Christmas movies ever as well.

What makes Gremlins so much fun is it’s almost Home Alone with monsters instead of bumbling idiots. The tension builds up, but the laughs instantly relieve it. I still crack up at the Santa story every time. And the grandma out the window is classic. Kids over 12, even though it’s for laughs, some of the gremlin death scenes are awfully gooey, and the unfortunate truth about Santa Clause.

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