Family Halloween Movies 4

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Looking for a reason to have the whole family clinging for dear life hugging on the living room sofa? Try love scaring them! Halloween is the best holiday ever. Until Christmas rolls back around. So until then, here is a running list of scary movies for Halloween, that the whole family can enjoy.

Little Monsters

My VHS copy of this was almost as worn as my Rad cover. The premise is monsters live under your bed and scare you as a job. . . Oh, this is the prequel to Monster’s Inc. The great part, aside from Howie Mandel touching stuff with his bare hands, is how you really cheer for the brothers to find each other. This is more fantasy for me, because with all sisters growing up, I might of let one of the monsters just have one. I’d say 8 and up, it really is fun.

Monster Squad
Wolfman has nards! – Love love love this movie. The 80’s effects and clothing only add to the charm. If you were a kid faced with fighting off Dracula, Frankenstein, Mummy, Wolfman and the Creature from the Black Lagoon this is exactly how it would go down. 

They are going to remake this and I am torn. It’s impossible to repeat the magic of the 80’s, but holy crap I want to see a bigger battle between kids and monsters. 13 and up on this one only because we apparently cussed a little more back then.


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