Saturday Is A Special Day


It’s the day I go shopping at midnight so I don’t get caught by neighbors shopping on Sunday. But then if I got caught by them it would mean that we were both shopping on Sunday, so who gets to judge the other person in that situation? And if we both don’t say anything then are we both bad or just being normal? And is it really normal to not talk about the elephant in the room? We were both breaking the Sabbath! But what if one of us was making a dinner that required wine or beer in the recipe? Does the person buying the alcohol wind up on the low end of the totem pole? What if the other Sabbath breaker doesn’t understand finer cuisine and starts telling everybody I’m an alcoholic and that explains a lot? We’re not supposed to judge!! But now I have to judge because they just told everyone I am an alcoholic Sabbath breaker and I am not, well not really, so now I am judging them as a judger and this can’t be right. And you know my Home Teaching is just going to be awkward now because the shopping incident is all anyone will want to talk about and they aren’t going to listen to my lesson because I was shopping on Sunday. So now I am just going to have to let the ward be divided on this issue. They can take the Sunday shopper’s side who doesn’t understand fine ingredients for superior food who is a hypocrite in the first place, or they can take mine. But if they decide to do what is right they will judge both of us for shopping on Sunday and now I have to team up with my arch nemesis the Sunday shopper who doesn’t understand fine ingredients for superior food and together we will judge the ward for judging us and now the Stake President is going to have to get involved to calm this insane neighborhood down before we start throwing our food storage at each other. And if someone writes to a missionary about this it could very well turn into an international incident because all of the people in Africa where he (or she) is serving could read his letter and think that members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints just waste food storage while they are starving and looking for water and then they kick the missionaries out and declare a boycott on West Jordan.


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