Everytime I Hear 2

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Part 1 found HERE.

When I hear ‘Unchained Melody’ it makes me think about dirty love.

When I hear ‘Cruel Summer’ I think about waxing on and off.
When I hear ‘Weird Science’ I think about bra helmets.
When I hear ‘Where Is My Mind’ I think of IKEA.

When I hear ‘Stuck In The Middle With You’ I think about Van Gough.

When I hear ‘In Your Eyes’ I think about how light my iPod is.
When I hear ‘The Power Of Love’ I get grossed out by mom’s hitting on you.
When I hear ‘Canned Heat’ I think about sweet moon boots.

When I hear “Mary Jane’ I think Dammmmn.

When I hear ‘Moving In Stereo’ I think about the greatest bikini ever.

Part 1 found HERE.

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