Ten Signs It’s Fast Sunday

Top ten signs it’s Fast Sunday. Because labeling is fun and educational!

– You eat an extra meal Saturday night at 11:45pm like a chipmunk storing nuts.

– You are sure that rambling testimonies are directly related to dehydration and light-headedness from not eating.

– No matter what – bad breath.

– You say silent prayers of thankfulness that your ward doesn’t start at 2pm.

– You have thrown away entire uneaten breakfasts because you forgot it was Fast Sunday.

– The after church meal is whatever you can find and make in less that 2 minutes. After a prayer, of course.

– You call grandma Sunday afternoon, hoping to get invited over for dinner.

– You have tried to convince a teenager that they aren’t going to die from starvation.

– Pregnant? FREE PASS!!

– You can never find the check book when the Deacons show up.


– The extra loud spirit letting everyone know that they are, in fact, fasting. And possibly better than you.

– It’s either Fast Sunday and stomach growls are getting in on the hymns, or it was Taco night Saturday.


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