Shakespeare Beat You

I found a sight through Pinterest (I know, ghey, right?) that some girl had found all of the phrases we use that are accredited to William Shakespeare. Then I googled it and found out she missed a ton. So here is your half-a$$ed collection!! Phrases Shakespeare created that we still use today.

Knock Knock! Who’s There?
Heart of Gold
Set your teeth on edge

Break the ice
Off with his head
Heart of hearts
A sorry sight
Fair play/Foul play
Brave new world
Makes your hair stand on end
Wild goose chase
A piece of work
Love is blind
Lie low

It’s Greek to me
More sinned against than sinning
More in sorrow than in anger
Wish is father to the thought
To budge an inch
Played fast and loose
A tower of strength
Knitted your brows
Made virtue of necessity
Stood on ceremony
Danced attendance
Good Riddance
Faint Hearted
Fight fire with fire!
Seen better days
Too much of a good thing
Send him packing
Wear your heart on your sleeve
Not slept one wink
Come what may
For goodness sake
What’s done is done
The game is up
Baited breath
Green eyed monster
Laughing stock
Be all/End all
Vanish into thin air
Out of the jaws of death
Dead as a doornail
In a pickle
Naked truth
The world is my oyster
Breathed thus last

Your lord and master
Laughed yourself into stitches
Short shrift
Cold comfort
By jove!
O lord
Tut, tut!
What the dickens!
But me no buts
In a fools paradise
The more fool you
Foregone Conclusion
As good luck would have it
It is high time
That is the long and the short of it
Truth will out
Own flesh and blood
The crack of doom
One fell swoop
Without rhyme or reason
To give the devil his due
Truth were known
Tongue in your head
Devil incarnate
A stony-hearted villain
Blinking idiot
It is all one to me


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