Brightoness of Hope

I know I am supposed to be thankful for friends or family or whatever cliche is being re-posted ad nauseam. And I am. This time however I am putting into words how thankful I am for my daughter. She is the oldest of 4, so by default the favorite and omnipresent one in every holiday and story. No matter what the other kids do, she did it first. And the original is always better.

I have a daughter that can quote – The IT Crowd, Star Wars, Footloose, Killer Klowns From Outer Space, Weird Al songs, Girls Just Want To Have Fun, Community, Veronica Mars, Grease, Dirty Dancing, the Step Up movies and Monty Python.

I have a daughter that can quote her Young Women’s motto, Young Women’s Values, scriptures and hymns. She is also, and this is for better or worse depending on who you talk to, the reason I met my wife and fell in love.

I have a daughter that has seen first hand great choices, and bad choices. I have a daughter that has seen triumph in her life, and watched others fail. I have watched her sit nervously with empathy for those around her that are going through something difficult. And throughout her entire life, she has steadfastly held to the right path. I have heard her given advice for the easy way out of problems, and she takes the high road. I have a daughter that sees the good and potential in others and cheers for their success. I have a daughter who does not judge.

I also have a daughter that gives me crap for watching ‘R’ rated movies.

I have a daughter that volunteers to sing in church, without ever singing publicly before. I have a daughter that ran for school office and won, her first time out. I have a daughter with a better grade point average than myself.

I have a daughter that can hold her own with the best because she is so witty and sharp.

My daughter is her brothers and sisters idol. If my other kids had the choice of going to Super Happy Fun Magical Land with me or the chance to go in their sisters room and watch Twilight – she would win. I have a daughter who reads to her other siblings at night. She plays with them. She teaches them. I don’t have to worry about my other kids because my daughter is such a stellar example and friend to them.

Most importantly, my daughter is the reason that my wife and our family are sealed in the temple. It was meeting my daughter that gave me a true eternal perspective and sense of responsibility. It was meeting someone so special and unique, that you realize you want that person with you and your family forever. So for saving my mortal soul and making life easier, I am thankful for my daughter. Love you.

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3 responses to “Brightoness of Hope”

  1. Kristan says :

    Way to make me bawl! She is also very lucky to have you. I am very grateful for her as well. She is amazing, and you and Char should be very proud! Love you guys! Happy Thanksgiving!


  2. Annette Cutler says :

    That was the sweetest thing I have ever read!!!! Thank you so much for being the man you are, awesome husband and loving father!! You completely melted my heart! I love you! Your other very proud mom! Happy Thanksgiving!!! I am so proud of my B!! She is pretty dang awesome! Annette


  3. Madiantin says :

    Well. That made me cry.


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