Site Update – Awesome

Update – I am awesome. Just pretend I said that extremely humble. I started this site to post my thoughts, and to see if anyone else shared my sense of humor. It turns out more than I thought do. What has really surprised me over the past 5 months is what the most popular posts are.

This might be long winded and poorly edited, but I just wanted to say something about this little adventure so far. It has opened doors for me, opened paths I didn’t know existed and opened my perspective on numerous things. I just wanted to share a few tidbits about this site.

Far and away anything religious is almost double anything else as far as unique page views. They are passed around and linked to within hours. And I don’t think it is necessarily because they are LDS in nature. I think it is because they are real and something I truly believe in. And it shows. As much fun as pictures and videos and lists can be, people still want to read something that they can relate to, that is real and honest. My friends, both real and online, that have blogs, I find that I read the ones more often that are personal or even religious. And not even Mormon ones. There are so many similarities between the different religions that is nice to see how close we really all are. Ultimately we are taking different paths to the same destination. So if you are one of those people, keep it up. I love reading them.

The Mormon Motivational Posters are by far the biggest draw here. I am speechless about that fact.

My mom will call me and tell me she is disappointed in me whenever I swear on here. It makes me feel guilty all day after that happens. Thanks mom!!

I might start letting other people post here, because enough posts have been emailed to me. I’m still debating.  I’m still in the honeymoon phase with the Brass Monkey Show, and like the just me part. For now.

My wife is embarrassed, sometimes mortified, by things I freely admit to on here. And she is my hardest audience. In person you can’t wipe the smile from her face when she is around me. It is almost impossible for me to make her laugh online. I am going to chalk that up to the fact that I am so awesome all the time in person.

I will hit over 500 unique page views on a post, and never a single comment.

Besides ‘Mormon Motivational Poster’, by far the most googled phrase to this site is ‘sexy smoker‘ followed by ‘Kristen Stewart’s stupid face‘. That is a fact.

The All-Time most viewed posts are – Glee 3D Made You Gay, Top 5 Movie Ruiners, all the Mormon Motivational Posters, 5 Worst Facebook Updates, 5 Worst Self Photo Poses and Where’s All The Sexy Smokers. The sexy smoker post has to be because of the picture of Elizabeth Hurley. Because holy crap.

I will never get bored of the individual who continues to e-mail me 3 page rants about how religion is evil and I am corrupting my kids. And I loved the one comparing God to Santa Claus; you have to have 28+ years of school to even begin to be that intelligent.

The only post I ever considered editing or removing was the naughty Halloween jokes. I considered it because some people said it was too crude. I kept it because the same people laughed at it. Hard. Yeah, you know you liked it.

I find no contradiction between posting about my sons baptism on Monday, and then posting about girls who dress slutty on Wednesday. I also do not trust skinny chefs.

My favorite posts are the ones people mention back to me in real life.

And yes, 99.99% of everything on here is real. With a 0.01% exception of I might not be as awesome as I think I am. Thank you for following! – And as an extra bonus, once again, Ms. Hurley –


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