Singles Ward = Singles Bars

There is a staggering amount of similarities between singles bars and singles wards. The only thing separating them is the fact that no one has spiked the Diet Coke at an Ice Cream Social yet. Without further adieu, the amazing coincidences between the two –

People over 40 look creepy when they show up

Girls come in groups / never alone

Drunk crying girl / Inappropriate testimony girl

Everyone is annoyed at the girls who won’t stop giggling

Everyone knows the DJ / Chorister

No one ever leaves when it’s over, and have to be ushered out

Both have regulars

Bishopric / Bartenders change positions too often

Weird foreign guy / RM having trouble speaking English again

Both have the fun flirt who dates everybody and never settles down

Root beer / Light beer

Guy does same karaoke song every week / Shares same experience every week

Both lose good members to a marriage

Everyone wonders what the person with a kid at home is doing there

I’m broke tonight / I’ll mail in my tithing

Everyone wants to come to the party, then they forget to talk to people

Ladies Night / Combined Stake Activity Night

Pretty sure the neatly dressed guy is ghey

Every girl has a wing-man to save them from creepy guy

The one guy who asks EVERY girl out

Last call / Age 30

Married couples love knowing they NEVER have to go back again

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