Comics VS Women

There is more in common with comic books and women than you might think. When you start out collecting comics there is usually one title that caught your eye. Maybe your older brother had it, and that is all you know of to start from. Same with women. If you are like me, you saw Phoebe Cates in Fast Times at Ridgemont High and you wanted to start collecting her. Mentally I guess since that was 20+ years ago. You know, the red bikini out of the pool? Anyways. . .

So your first comics are going to get destroyed. They’ll have food on them, pages bent, creased down the middle from being tucked in your back pocket. Because you love them and you are getting to know them. You are never going to come back to a comic that you owned originally. Just like women. When you were young and first noticed women you destroyed them. You threw food at them during lunch, pushed them, called them names. You didn’t know better.

This means I love you.

But as you grow older, you start to appreciate comics for their stories, and not so much for their artwork. Well, you will always love looking, but now the insides matter. You learn that you can get more out of a comic than just a cool picture. You can learn new concepts and ideas. You want to go out and find better and more challenging comics. Same with women. You want one that will make you better. Teach you stuff like using silverware and that Olive Garden is not a nice restaurant. You treat them with respect. These are the women worth showering for and not throwing food at.

Those are the biggest PHDD Degrees I have ever seen. Such a smart woman, I'm sure.

And as you become a man you should put away childish things. Keep your memories, take the best with you and never look back. Some of those comics that get dragged into your adult life get put upon a pedestal, sealed off from human contact, with an inflated sense of worth. Ladies, you don’t want to become one of those women that are permanently encased in denim skirts and seasonal sweaters that no one wants to touch. If you don’t get out in time, you face hermetically sealed sadness, or thinking that cosplay is an acceptable weekend past time.

One ring to ruin them all.

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