Left To Right

I recently heard some one say to live your life from Left To Right. It means to build, save and grow your money responsibly; so when you order off of a menu in a restaurant during your later years you look at the menu item first, not the price. It’s a motto we should all strive to live by, and yet struggle when the actual consequences are nowhere in sight at the present.

Times are rough for most people. People are budgeting and minimizing their expenses. They are preparing themselves for the worst, hoping for the best. We are building up our food storage, trying to pay off bills, and using cash instead of credit cards to come out the end of this mess for the better. People are turning to self help books and radio shows for advice on how to do it the right way. Guess who was doing this first the simplest and best way?

Yep, a mormon. Elder Marvin J. Ashton to be exact. Endorsed by President Kimball in the 1975 General Conference, it is a twelve point list of how to protect, prepare and educate yourself, family and marriage against financial burdens. Suze Orman is brilliant on the topic. Dave Ramsey is a great leader in this market, but his process is almost identical to this one. It is called One For The Money – Guide To Family Finance. It is a simple straight forward guide to handling your finances and debt. I strongly recommend downloading and saving the book from the link. (The sight is slow, but worthwhile for the download.) What most programs charge to teach you, the church has been happily giving away for decades.

Here is a break down of the steps, and the short pamphlet gives great quick details on each step, including budget sheets and debt tracking charts. And the first step is tithing for a reason. Because it magically works every time.

1 – Pay An Honest Tithing
2 – Learn To Manage Money Before It Manages You
3 – Learn Self Discipline and Self Restraint In Money Matters
4 – Use A Budget
5 – Teach Family Members Early The Importance Of Working And Earning
6 – Teach Children To Make Money Decisions In Keeping With Their Capacities To Comprehend
7 – Teach Each Family Member To Contribute To The Total Family Welfare
8 – Make Education A Continuing Process
9 – Work Toward Home Ownership
10 – Appropriately Involve Yourself In An Insurance Program
11 – Understand The Influence Of External Forces On Family Finances And Investments
12 – Appropriately Involve Yourself In A Food Storage And Emergency Preparedness Program

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