Original Was Better

I have blessed all of my children. From their blessing day as an infant up to father and priesthood blessings. Before the first day of school this year, I gave Brighton and Boston a Father’s Blessing. I remember receiving mine from my father growing up and that perfectly clean slate starting the new year off with. I got to thinking about my first blessing I performed. It was for my son on his blessing day over 5 years ago. I started to compare it to the the other blessings since then. And just like Star Wars, the original was better.

I have improved dramatically since the original. In my humble opinion even leaps and bounds. That is expected though when one lives his life and focuses it on improving and never becoming stagnant. As the Star Wars movies went on, the special effects continued to improve upon the previous film. The characters were more defined. The story was unfolding into more detail. The budgets were getting bigger. Even though the movies were getting more technical and pretty to look at (like me), I fell in love with the original and hold it closest to my heart.

I feel the same way about myself growing in the church and accepting my callings and finding ways to improve my faith, life and family. But as I look back at that first blessing, the original was better. It was my first big display of honoring my priesthood since taking a, how should I say this, sabbatical my teenage/early 20’s years. I had my new wife and daughter (technically my step-daughter, realistically my mini-me). And we were starting back on the path we knew we belonged on. All of our families were there that morning silently cheering us on. I even had a new suit I looked smashing in.

The blessing was great. The after lunch party was tasty. But what made the original better was what lead up to that moment. It was the knowledge that our new little family was where we were supposed to be. That I now had the ability to bless and guide our family. . . with some much needed help from my wife. And even more touching to me was that even though all of our families, both secretly and vocally, had always wanted us on the right path the whole time, they were there still waiting for us. Even when some of our actions did not agree with them, they still loved us unconditionally. Their guidance and prayers and love were a constant in our background, and a stellar example of how life can and should be. And if you are around something that astounding your whole life growing up, you tend to notice if it is missing in your own. And then you want it for your own family.

I could say that we crossed the finish line that day, but it was more like a starting line. It wasn’t the blessing that made it better than the others, it was the path leading up to it and the love shared in the room that day. The cherry on the cake that day was karma not showing up. I had pooped out of my blessing outfit when my dad blessed me, and I know my parents were secretly hoping that it might happen to me. Since I escaped the wrath of karma that day, I will always remember that original blessing in all of it’s awkward and marvelous glory.

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