Can You Be A Server?

You know who makes a lot of money? CEO’s and pharmaceutical reps. But being a server or waitress or culinary assistant is just as much fun. Except for the look. You either conform to the corporate policy, or you work at a fancy restaurant. It’s hard not to notice, but in case you missed it, there is a very specific look to be a server or waitress. And the higher class the restaurant, the cheaper the look becomes. In my head it should be reversed, but I will break it down for you.

To be fair, this is how they think they look, but is not always the case –

If you work for Olive Garden, Tuscany, Copper Onion, or any other fancy (hehe I included Olive Garden) restaurant, you typically have one dress code. Here it goes –

The standard white button up shirt/plain white T-shirt – There are many variations on this. The most popular one seems to be not ironed. I realize that the hours of serving are insane, but why can’t you iron your shirt? Was it really so hard to wake up by 4pm that you’re lucky you found the least dirty shirt on your floor? I feel irritated when I go to a place to eat and I am dressed nicer than the server. I feel like if they don’t care about their shirt, they aren’t going to care about my beet salad.

The generic black pant/stretch pant – I understand these. You are handling food, cleaning tables, catering to hungry people. And you can’t always have a towel or rag with you. The black pants should hide the wipe marks from your hands. I can’t prove it, but I know there is a special section in TJ Maxx that only sells these. These are a step up from the 50’s style being forced on you at Dee’s, where the fries are always wet.

The messy ponytail/french twist – So you had all day to get to work by this evening, and you are serving plates that cost more than $40 each. Why get all dolled up when you can do the messy ponytail! It’s fast, easy, and makes you look like you really need the money. It’s a win-win-win.

If you work at Wendy’s or McDonald’s or other fast food joints, you get a pretty standard issue and decent looking uniform. They are pressed, and everyone matches. The conformity of the uniforms makes me feel a little safer that the person preparing my food might not just be reheating patties and fries from yesterday. And that’s salt on my fries, not dirt from the unswept floor.

But hey! Let’s all be glad that we aren’t working at T.G.I. Fridays and rockin’ our flair!

Just seems odd to me that the cheaper the food is, the more presentable the servers outfit. But what do I know, I still love the dollar menu. But one day when your waitress is dressed as nice as the hostess, you can thank this post.

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