Mormon Apologies

Some guy, whom I have never heard of, that works for the New York Times said something kind of mean but not really about LDS members on his own private Twitter account. Then some LDS members demanded an apology for it and they got it. So why does this piss me off? Simple – The online LDS members that are begging to be heard are making the rest of us look frivolous and thin skinned.

I look at it this way – How many times have you wanted to know more about someone or their religion that was running around saying how mean people were about it? Oh no, someone said Mormons wear magic underwear!! Who cares, we do. The pope wears a funny hat, do I need to make a public apology now? Hardly.

The way I view this is every time I hear someone share a story of how they converted or decided that, hey, them mormons are good folk (I don’t know why this guy came out as a hillbilly, OOPS! Another apology is due!), it is because of their example or they way that they handled themselves daily. It has never been from watching an LDS member that went around crying how someone pulled their hair or pushed them on the playground, I mean said something kind of mean but not really.

And I base this on the fact that when I hear something said about any other religion or even group or race of people that is mean or derogatory, or even funny, I just assume the person who said it is misinformed and move along. Because people, and especially you LDS ones (it is so hard not to say mormon anymore) – we are not persecuted. We are not denied any right or value of life. We do have a girl that wore leggings instead of a full length skirt, but everyone has a runt of the litter. (Another apology!)

Just tone down the rhetoric, especially when it is tied to politics. People say stupid things all the time, like Pepsi is as good or better than Coke. Just act the way your religion guides you. Now people know the stupid comment this guy made more than the truth because of the fuss made over it. And if you believe you are a christian, which we are, turn the other cheek and move along. People are watching your real life actions and deeds. Your actions speak louder than your words, unless you are crying on the internet. I only hear about negative things said about mormons by other mormons linking to it and pointing it out, (which I just did, dammit!!) like they are doing the leg work for them. Now that you have your apology, is it any easier to make it through Alma?

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