Art of Penny Tapping

It takes patience and creativity to survive childhood. And this is better than any prank phone call or door bell ditching. It’s also victimless so remember that at your court hearing.

To properly Penny Tap someone you need three items:

#1 – A band-aid. Preferably a new one that is super sticky.




#2 – Fishing line.

#3 – Last but not least a penny.

You find a house with a sliding glass door, or a glass front door. Or even a big ol’ window. You stick one half of the band-aid in the bottom corner of the glass; put it where they won’t notice it looking out the window or door. Use the top half of the band-aid – and hurry up before they notice you and your wheezing from leaving the couch. Then wrap the fishing line around the bottom side of the band-aid. After 3 or 4 times stick the penny over the line onto the band-aid.

Now you run the fishing line back behind a fence or bush. As you gently pull it and release the line, the penny taps on the window/door. The victim person will come out to see what the heck is going on, and you stop. Repeat this step until they come out with a shotgun. If they start to look for something on the window or door that is making the sound, just yank it off and pull it away.

And that is how you had fun before the internet with random objects.

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One response to “Art of Penny Tapping”

  1. Madiantin says :

    Hahaha! That’s evil. =D


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