Things I Cannot Prove

There are too many times when I think I have figured something profound out, and then have no evidence to back up my solid conclusion. All I have is my gut feeling and the force to guide me. The following are all items I am trying to scientifically prove true once and for all – 

The Chinese restaurant next to me is trying to pass off tired looking Mexicans as authentic Chinese in the back.

A girl knows within 2 minutes of meeting you your exact chances of anything with her. Nothing you do after the 2 minutes matters, her mind is made up.

Old Navy’s men’s clothes are all off by a size.

If you take a Mexican or Spanish person with you to order your food at Beto’s, a taco cart or Rancherito’s – it tastes better and is completely different than what is on the menu.

If you are a woman, and you marry a doctor, you become disgustingly thin within 5 years and workout non-stop.

It is OK to assume, publicly, that all Catholic priests are pedophiles, but morally wrong to assume all Muslims are terrorists.

Feminism has ruined women.

To make America feel fat, they have marketed skinny jeans to the general populous.

Your political view is directly influenced by your work ethic.

The Big Bang Theory, Evolution and God are directly linked.

TJMaxx feels like the D.I.

Waiting for the right day to wear that one shirt that fits perfect during the week is worth it. You don’t want to waste it on a lame day.

Pinterest is a bone-yard of things you will never do.

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2 responses to “Things I Cannot Prove”

  1. justshan says :

    Women have ruined Feminism too. :/


  2. Madiantin says :

    Ohhh so very true.


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