Magic Mike – Anatomy Of A Trailer

If you know me, you know that I live in the shadow of two men – Jack Johnson and Channing Tatum. My wife would literally hand me her wedding ring if one of them came knocking on my door and asked for her. So it’s no surprise that I am going to be forced into seeing Magic Mike more than a million times. Which isn’t too bad since when it’s over I’ll be the only guy sitting there, and she’ll make do. Anyways, here is the trailer which is a loosely based, semi-autobiographical story of Channing Tatum’s stripper days:

Let’s break this down –

It is fairly obvious that women are. . . special. Have you ever seen men at a strip club act the way women here do? The answer is never, because they would kick you out. These women are like fiends that can’t scream or whistle enough. I have watched my wife and other women watch this trailer and they are talking to it and praising God that Channing will be dancing with his shirt off and more. Can you imagine if a guy did that every time whatever generic hot girl had a trailer for movie? Yep, it doesn’t happen.

This movie will make money and become a little cult following like Dirty Dancing because of one key move – they cast an average/ugly girl as the love interest. This way, women think they have a shot and are better looking than the manly looking thing he is falling for. And you women know it’s true, you all praise ugly women like Adele and Sarah Jessica Parker because they pose no threat to you. You’re catty, and that’s the way it is.

Matthew McConaughey. The older he gets, the more he stays the same. And women love them a dim witted guy who does sit-ups on park benches and thinks that talking about chakra’s is deep. I don’t blame you, I never hear a word Kelly Brook says.

The stripper with a heart of gold. REALLY? He just wants to make post modern garbage furniture? And girls have a hard time seeing who he is? I wonder if it will dawn on women that while he is having this little bout of getting an ugly girl to see the real him, instead of the half naked stripper that he plays all the time, that when women dress like hookers, we think they are hookers. But I doubt it, because Channing can dance.

While my wife is dying to see this, I am counting the days until Step Up 4 comes out!! You know, the dance series that Channing made famous.

You have no idea my love for the Step Up Movies.

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2 responses to “Magic Mike – Anatomy Of A Trailer”

  1. Madiantin says :

    *Heaves a big sigh*. Ohhhhh. I wish this wasn’t an R. Cos I’d like to see it. Matthew McConhaughey is more attractive than Channing though. I do like abs. 🙂


    • headbrass says :

      My living room has been home to numerous debates over the ‘R’ rated viewings of movies. Well, mostly me saying yes and my wife and daughter shaking their finger at me saying no.

      Amazing how quickly that debate dissipated when Channing is half naked. . . I’m sure that Lifetime or TNT will be replaying this nonstop in a year or two on TV:)


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