Things That Must Go #2

Sunglasses with nose stops on wires. When I see people that wear sunglasses on top of their head holding their hair back, but instead of fancy smooth frames, their sunglasses have those weird wires with plastic ends that stick to your nose. All I can think about is when you pull those glasses off to put them on, those nose wires are going to get stuck in your hair and pull it.


People who chew their gum open mouthed and loud. Thanks for letting me know from a distance that any opinion or comment you have will be invalid because you eat like a farm animal.


Fridge shelves and drawers (and no, this isn’t my fridge, I never have this problem. . .) How the hell do they get so dirty?!?! You put clean wrapped food in, sealed containers in, and yet it looks like a fraternity lived there every three months. This is probably the most seen and ignored mess in everyone’s house. You’ll just clean it next Saturday.


News articles on Facebook that require me to use their app to read them so EVERYONE else can see what I read. Now I just copy the articles name and throw it in the google search box and read it privately.


Posters telling you that because you lack in something, you are secretly strong or God is going to make you fly or some other random thing that people without a sense of self esteem need to read and share with everyone everyday. We get it – you think you are fat, stupid, short, poor, alone, unworthy and your life sucks. Somehow, I don’t see why wasting time on Facebook posting these posters is going to change that. . .


Cheapskate’s that brag about it. And I’m not talking about coupon clipping and making a pair of shoes last a little longer. I’m talking about the “Yep I got this 58 inch flat screen TV for $99 at Walter’s Bargain Bin. The salesman said that this ‘Broka’ brand is the exact same as Sony, only better.” This is the same person that bitches about his broken TV in 3 months.

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One response to “Things That Must Go #2”

  1. Madiantin says :

    Amen. Especially the mouth-open-chewing thing. And the FB app thing. And someone needs to come over and clean my fridge.


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