Channing Tatum

Since more than 60% of my followers are female, pictures of Channing Tatum. Also, video from his early stripper days!



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10 responses to “Channing Tatum”

  1. Madiantin says :

    Having never seen a stripper I, of course, watched it all. Ok…seriously….it was just embarrassing to watch and I felt so sorry for him! I thought “Oh my…how humiliating to do that.”
    Poor chap.


  2. Steph says :

    I don’t understand why part of the movie was censored and part of it wasn’t. I’m just saying.


  3. babs says :

    i’d eat him like a lollypop


  4. pamela says :

    Completely agree… if I woke up from a coma — and he was my husband … Um yeah – no complaints there.


  5. Christy Wilson says :

    God ur fine. My husband which hates mcconaghy and most shitless male actors/ tough guys. loves u as an actor. Keep it real my sexy beast. 21 jump 2 hurry up


  6. D.B. says :

    Hottest Man ALIVE period.


  7. Anonymous says :

    Oh my golly!!!! 🙂 He is sooooo hot!!!!!!! my celeberty boyfriend right there! ❤ I'd tap that 😉


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