The Monkey Clown

The Spandex Clown post had over 200 hits within a couple hours. I was thrilled. I vented and people were agreeing with me. Because as we all know the internet is full of even tempered and rational thinking individuals that take time away from their busy lives too share uplifting stories on the internet.

Well, that was wrong. Here is a private message I received about it. And the only thing I edited out of it was anything linking to their identity because I didn’t ask for their permission.

. . .Ouch that post hurt about us cyclist. Did you know that three of the cyclist in that picture died and you put it in your blog as if it was funny. As a cyclist that has almost been hit many times from drivers because I was in a bike lane and they think it is fun to get as close as they can to you even swerving into the bike lane is not funny at all. I have two cars and pay taxes and oh yeah the law gives me the same right to be on the road as a person driving a car. But we still have people that think they have all the god given authority to own the road and no one else is allowed on the road. That is the mentality that causes people to die on our roads I have been yelled at spit on things thrown at me because I choose to ride a bike on the public street. Last year I was knocked off my bike because a driver had to race in front of me to make a right hand turn. I was going 20 mph at the time. At least the car behind him stopped to help me up off the ground and used his car to protect me till I could stand up. And after i stopped the bleeding i finished the last 9 miles to work with my hip knee and elbow very bloody I refused to wash it off as I was very pissed that someone would not care about my life or safety just because they were in a hurry. Good thing i work with a bunch of nurses that was willing to scrub the gravel out of my wounds and then bandage me up. Sorry Dean but I think you needed a different perspective on this topic. I am not mad I just want you to see the other side of the story and maybe think of me next time you are upset because you have to wait a few seconds or minutes so we can pass safely. . .

That picture was of a car driving through a crowd of cyclists. It fit my mood when I found it. Then someone with a calm demeanor pointed out that there were dead people in it, and now I feel like I cracked a Jewish joke at a Holocaust memorial. And just like the Nascar fans that make all the minorities think white people are rednecks and like watching cars drive in circles, three cyclists who were probably minding their own business made me mad and lump them all into clown territory. (I was going to make a Chinese woman driver joke there, but I don’t feel like using Google translator for a Chinese language apology post.)

But seriously, I can’t argue with that message.

So to all the cyclists – I apologize. And a free word of advice – Don’t leave the ‘safe search’ off on Google when looking up a picture of spanking a monkey.

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