Where I’ve Been Lately

On my knees. That’s where I’ve been. I recently switched jobs; got back to doing what I am good at. Well, we’ll see about the good part. But the purpose of this post is too share my experience. There have been moments and even days where I have felt completely lost and unsure. Not in faith, but in life changing decisions. It’s not often I get unsure of myself. But the way some opportunities fell and others presented themselves, somethings didn’t feel right. So what did I do?

Went to the temple with my wife. Prayed about it. Now, the details of my conundrum don’t matter. What matters is that my testimony and faith in prayer has been magnified. Mentally and financially there was no way out of my perceived problem. I say perceived because, well, some of the answers I needed were revealed days later. And I mention this because I have a few friends that don’t believe what I do. And I love having those friends. But I came to a conclusion about myself through this.

The answers I was looking for could very well have manifested on their own without prayer or even faith. I can admit that. What I know, is that I believe that those answers wouldn’t have come if I hadn’t stretched my faith. I really believe that. I have had random acts of kindness aimed in my direction from out of the blue, when they were badly needed. Often from very unexpected places. I have been overcome with gratitude and often humbled.

And what is more impressive to me, is that these answered prayers have not only been for me. I have had opportunities to join with other people in prayer for their needs. And it has been remarkable. I have seen friends go through horrible events lately, and I know it was because of prayer that the outcomes of those events were walked away from intact. I have watched prayer and faith perform miracles that I personally got to watch. I have felt the comfort and guidance of hands through unknown territories.

Most of all, I have felt an urge to share this. They are simple and small examples, but they are mine and they have grown me. I also know that having a wife who is always pointed towards the right direction makes it incredibly easy to follow. It often seems that when I am on the low end of the teeter totter, she’s on the other side raising me up.

I could easily go through life’s challenges on my own, but doing it with God and an eternal companion is so much better.

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One response to “Where I’ve Been Lately”

  1. Anonymous says :

    You know, I needed to read this right now. Thank you.


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