Big Bang Creationism

I watched Tree Of Life the other day while recuperating, and something quite moving happened to me. First off, the movie is rather dull and boring. Unless you have some sick need (like me) to watch anything and everything, skip it. Like some people it’s pretty on the outside but pointless, and now I’m getting off course.

At the 20 minute mark, there is a scene in the movie that spans the creation of the world to the present. It lasts about 15 minutes. And while it goes from the Big Bang explosion to the worlds being formed, the Earth created and plants and land forming, ‘things’ crawling out of the muck, dinosaurs roaming and meteors crashing – It was oddly religious to me. And I don’t even like Darwinism.

The whole segment was exactly how I picture the time the world was created in. When I hear people claiming that a God didn’t create the world and it was a big bang, I don’t see the difference. If there was nothing and God created the world, I imagine that there would be some sort of big bang sound, or at least a thunderous ‘YEAH!!’ coming from the heavens followed by a high five. Because starting your own world is going to be awesome.

I don’t really have a point to this post. Sorry, but it’s free here. When I watched that montage of the world being created I suddenly felt very at peace with the contradicting ideas of the Big Bang/Evolution/Creationism and whatever else is being passed around. They are all explanations for the same question. And in my mind they all work together.

The further and further science goes into understanding the universe and all of the tiny nuances that help explain it, I get excited. Colliding atoms or particles or whatever magnificent thing my tiny head can’t comprehend is exciting. Because eventually they are going to hit a dead end. And at that dead end I have no problem making the jump of faith that God did it. I also have no problem watching scientists unravel more and more of the mystery that is this universe. It’s all very reassuring that there is a purpose and meaning to everything around us, no matter what you believe.

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