Health Problems

I have been battling a disease or a syndrome lately. I’m not sure what it is seeing as how the doctors don’t have a name  or even a recognition of my ailment. My family thinks I am crazy. My wife mocks me. My daughter ignores my cries of agony. The rest of my kids are too young to even understand what I am going through.

When you lose a limb or have an amputation, they say every now and then you will feel a ‘ghost’ limb where it is missing. Your body still senses it even though it is gone.

Most of you know that I lost all of my hair in a tragic accident when I tried to remove shaving cream from my head with a razor blade. None of us saw it coming and we have had to adjust our life style to this tragedy.

But for the last week, and I swear on every Step Up movie, I have been feeling like there is hair on my head blowing around and tickling my scalp. It is the most annoying sensation in the world. I have tried scratching, rubbing, wearing hats…nothing has stopped it. It is driving me insane. It’s like a bad Twilight Zone episode where the main character wished for a head of hair and then it was a curse.

So if you see me rubbing my head and looking irritated or puzzled, I am not a monkey. I am battling this weird phase where I am feeling hair tickling my bald head.

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One response to “Health Problems”

  1. le0pard13 says :

    I know exactly what you mean, my brother.


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