They Played My Song

Go ahead and get your rainbow colored Oreo’s out, because this is about to get ghey. I have, what I believe to be, fantastic taste in music. I can appreciate most music, I can tell you what classic songs the pop charts are stealing sampling. I have a collection ranging from the 50’s to today. I love music. I make killer mix CD’s. That is a well known fact that you can be jealous of. But one thing that I can’t hide is my unabashed love for fabulous songs.

I love to bash on 99% of the crap passed as music anymore. It is a passion. But for a good two years during the time I was helping make babies, at the end of every CD I made, was Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Since U Been Gone’. Here’s the video –

I have no shame. I love that song. It makes me happy for some unknown reason. It’s probably the chorus. The way the music slows for a second, simmers for a moment, then she kicks in with the chorus and two seconds later the drums and guitars pick it back up, making it impossible not to dance in your seat . . . I told you this was ghey.

The only bright side to this is that that song has almost replaced my old favoritest ghey song that I would always turn up and watch people question my sexuality.

This piece if perfection –

Walking On Sunshine. It makes me want to dance 80’s style like me and the jock and goth and princess and burnout were learning a lesson where we had to whisper while finding our similarities. . . You know what? Sunshine is still my favorite ghey song. When it comes on the radio in the car I will crank it up. Start tapping my feet. Maybe even make a duck face waiting for the lyrics to start, bobbing my head. Then I look over at my wife’s face, covered in disappointment and whatever the opposite of Viagra is, and I sadly turn it down.

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