The Brass Monkey Show.

This is the blog attempting to connect my thoughts.

After writing for various other sites, I have decided to focus all of my talent energy here. My awesomeness and venting at Monkey HQ shields the public from hearing this in person. If there is an important topic to be covered, someone else will do it. Here we revel in the absurd, harbor the insane and nurture the individuals who are slightly off. We also enjoy bacon more than usual. Political Correctness does not exist in this dojo. And since my wiener kids read this, there will never be content worse than what the Twilight movies inflicted on the public.

The views and opinions of The Brass Monkey Show do not necessarily reflect those of The Brass Monkey Show.

If you want to be as famous as me, send in your submission – brassmonkeymail@gmail.com

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