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The Man and the Birds

For Christmas my dad read a story to the family that I had never heard before, and it perfectly encapsulated what Christmas is in a way that avoids the cliche of someone being greedy, or stuck in their ways. It, to me, clearly illustrates the real meaning of why we celebrate Christmas and the reason we do so.

What follows is the text of the story, and below that a video/audio of Paul Harvey reading it on his radio show. I find it awesome to find things 30+ years later that still inspire me and move me. And at a time when I was over the Christmas bustle, this really snapped me back. Enjoy!

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Christmas Pic Dump

Elf On The Self Control

I don’t know what’s wrong with me. But every night around midnight or 7am, my wife and I remember that we forgot to hide the elf. And our kids are slightly obsessed with it so it’s a big deal. And every time I drag myself to go hide the elf – I just want to make it do naughty things.

I’m sure it’s just the 10 year old inside of me, but every night I battle the overwhelming urge to make the elf hang himself or do bad things to the barbie dolls. So since I can’t, here’s some pictures of other brave souls who have! Read More…

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