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Dragon Baby – Best Video Ever

This is my new favorite video.

This is how he made it

Where I’ve Been Lately

On my knees. That’s where I’ve been. I recently switched jobs; got back to doing what I am good at. Well, we’ll see about the good part. But the purpose of this post is too share my experience. There have been moments and even days where I have felt completely lost and unsure. Not in faith, but in life changing decisions. It’s not often I get unsure of myself. But the way some opportunities fell and others presented themselves, somethings didn’t feel right. So what did I do?

Went to the temple with my wife. Prayed about it. Now, the details of my conundrum don’t matter. What matters is that my testimony and faith in prayer has been magnified. Mentally and financially there was no way out of my perceived problem. I say perceived because, well, some of the answers I needed were revealed days later. And I mention this because I have a few friends that don’t believe what I do. And I love having those friends. But I came to a conclusion about myself through this.

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The Runaway Note

When you feel overwhelmed and unsure about your parenting skills, take comfort that somewhere, someone is doing it worse than you. Like me. While cleaning the house the other day, my¬† wife found one of our daughters old notebooks and decided to look through it before tossing it. What she found was an “I’m Running Away Letter” from our sweet, even tempered daughter. We have no idea when she wrote it, it was within 4 – 5 years ago. My daughter laughs at it now, but she cannot remember what she got in trouble for to write this epic farewell.

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Same Family, Different Rules

I have daughters. Which means that their insanity and craziness eventually would seep into my logical brain. I didn’t set out to be a hypocrite, but it happened.

I have boys as well. They are easy to take care of. You can rough house with them, smack ’em, make them do hard labor. You can also let them do anything with very little worrying on your end. The girls? Nope.

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May 25th, 2006

Today is my anniversary with my wife. The hottest and most sexiest thing in the world. I just lucked out that she was also such a strong spirit as well. For our wedding gifts we gave out as people left, we gave our soundtrack. Yup. The first mix CD I ever gave to her is still the best one we have. I only had to change one or two songs on it. (She made me take off I Wanna Kiss You All Over by Exile). So here it is, our wedding soundtrack! And as a secret behind the scenes footnote – she walked down the isle to the Love Theme from Star Wars, and we left the altar with You Shook Me All Night Long.

These are the track listings, and below are all of the videos. So sit back, relax, and marvel at the awesomeness that is our love theme –

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Smoking, Vacuuming and Church

This has been on my mind for the past few weeks or so, so now you get to read about it. I was recently privy (still no sarcastic font) to listen to a person recount how their family, or more precisely their children, had fallen away from church and everything they did to try and prevent (ultimately cause) that. I also found a reason to repost this super sexy picture of Miss Hurley. I will explain in a minute.

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How To Dismantle An Adult

Kids have little to no fear of adults anymore. You think I am wrong? Sit in on most classes in a public school, or threaten to tell them you will some how retaliate against their behavior. There is no fear in them anymore. I used to firmly believe that it was because we can no longer hit them. And I was wrong. It’s because of the evil TV and movies! I might sound like a rally cry from the 50’s, but I assure you I am firmly rooted in at least the 80’s. I am at the tail end of the last generation that remembers it being OK to get slapped or spanked.

Watch any TV show geared at kids, or even any family movie. 99.99% of the time the adult is portrayed as a complete imbecile. They are perpetually bumbling around, not sure of their choices, confused about what they think or believe in, and NEVER in charge. It’s always the kids that are portrayed as the intelligent ones or the only people that are getting things done in spite of their parents.

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Family Movies

If I watch a family movie it is because I have to am doing it with my family. Otherwise I would never watch them. Why? Because just like boobs, if you have seen one, you’ve seen them all. Well, some are bigger and better, and some smaller ones get the indie award for trying. By the way, we are still talking about movies. And I think my breaking point was the one-two sucker punch of Mr. Popper’s Penguins and Dolphin Tale; two of the worst movies this year.

Let’s break it down as to what makes family movies as of late so monotonous and boring –

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Papa Jay

My grandpa passed away on March 4, 2012. Usually I don’t join in on the posting about people online, who aren’t online, but in this case, I have taken something away from his life that I wanted to share. Technically my Papa Jay is my step-grandpa. I didn’t fully understand that until I was older. My dads father died when my dad was 8, so my Papa Jay was all I ever knew. And it wasn’t until I received the phone call that he had passed away, that I understood what that meant to me.

I’m a step-dad to my oldest daughter, Brighton. I’m sealed to her and she is always referred to as my daughter. The step part is a formality on government forms. But when Papa Jay died, it hit me really hard that he was the only example of a step parent in my life, and I never noticed it. Almost all of his ‘other’ family lived out of town, so there were rarely any times that I saw him with them. He was just my grandpa.

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