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The Nice Old Grandma

At work today a nice old couple came in and said that they were looking for a vacuum. Which is great since I have a million of them. While I got to talking to them they told me a story that I felt is severely lacking from the general public right now. So here it is –

They explained that they used to live in a small apartment when they first got married decades ago. It was tiny and times were a little rough. So to make ends meet and get by, they went without a vacuum for 3 years. Which boggles my mind because I have 4 kids that can’t seem to find the garbage can or their mouths that we are constantly cleaning up after. Anyways – So their first vacuum was a little electric broom that got them by.

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Left To Right

I recently heard some one say to live your life from Left To Right. It means to build, save and grow your money responsibly; so when you order off of a menu in a restaurant during your later years you look at the menu item first, not the price. It’s a motto we should all strive to live by, and yet struggle when the actual consequences are nowhere in sight at the present.

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