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3odpdhDuring Jr High and my Sophomore year of High School I landscaped. It was by far my favorite job looking back with some miles and years between the memory and living it. It was a painful occupation. Depending upon the day, you would come home with a distinct parting gift.

  • You could win the coveted blister package on your hands from throwing the pick into rock filled dirt.
  • You could receive the almighty sunburn! This gift kept giving the next few days as your clothes were a constant reminder of your failure to wear sunscreen or a hat. Read More…

Post Superbowl Facts

Little known facts about the days and week following the Superbowl. See if you can guess which one I made up without using Google.

  • Cell phone companies see a 17% spike in sales the week following the Superbowl due to phones being thrown at the floor in anger during the game. (Remote controls see a 8% spike in sales.)
  • Read More…

Can’t Compete

There’s this dad that has more free time on his hands than I do. His name is Jim and he is a pancake artist. His site is located here. This guy just wakes up and makes awesome pancakes. On a griddle. And he even includes how to videos. If I was a kid and woke up to AT-AT Walker pancakes, in 3-D, I would soil my underoo’s.  The guy is awesome and deserves an honorary degree for best useless talent ever. Check out his site for even more delicious awesomeness.

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