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Potter VS Twilight 4

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Potter VS Twilight 3

Potter VS Twilight 2

Potter VS Twilight 1


Hermione VS Bella

This really isn’t a fair match-up, but who cares. I just want to point out that Kristen Stewart makes the same stupid face everywhere she goes. And that Pot-heads are better than Twi-tards. And also that Kristen Blahface is the man looking boy in Panic Room. One girl sleeps holding her mans hand. The other has a dead guy watch her all night without knowing.

 Bella makes the same face everywhere she goes.

Better Role Model for girls?
And again. . .

 Here is the Emotion Chart – Hermione VS Bella

Role Model Battle One Last Time

Stephanie Meyers is Bella?

 And sometimes she almost smiles!

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