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They Played My Song

Go ahead and get your rainbow colored Oreo’s out, because this is about to get ghey. I have, what I believe to be, fantastic taste in music. I can appreciate most music, I can tell you what classic songs the pop charts are stealing sampling. I have a collection ranging from the 50’s to today. I love music. I make killer mix CD’s. That is a well known fact that you can be jealous of. But one thing that I can’t hide is my unabashed love for fabulous songs.

I love to bash on 99% of the crap passed as music anymore. It is a passion. But for a good two years during the time I was helping make babies, at the end of every CD I made, was Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Since U Been Gone’. Here’s the video –

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Stanley Steemer

Gangnam Style

I go away for a month and the general population takes a nose dive in taste. And I wouldn’t had noticed until some grown supposed man pointed it out to me. I was sitting at work and an adult – a man with a wife and children and cars and insurance and some golf shirts from Sears circa 1986 – leaned over with his phone laughing and said you have to watch this. And it was one of these damn gangnam videos. And he thought this was brilliant. When I didn’t laugh with the few other people watching it they asked why? My answer – Because I only make fun of stereotypes and races and women and Twilight.

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May 25th, 2006

Today is my anniversary with my wife. The hottest and most sexiest thing in the world. I just lucked out that she was also such a strong spirit as well. For our wedding gifts we gave out as people left, we gave our soundtrack. Yup. The first mix CD I ever gave to her is still the best one we have. I only had to change one or two songs on it. (She made me take off I Wanna Kiss You All Over by Exile). So here it is, our wedding soundtrack! And as a secret behind the scenes footnote – she walked down the isle to the Love Theme from Star Wars, and we left the altar with You Shook Me All Night Long.

These are the track listings, and below are all of the videos. So sit back, relax, and marvel at the awesomeness that is our love theme –

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Samples – Beastie Boys #2

Rap music made sampling cool. The Beastie Boys showed everyone how to do it right. This is a small sample list of the superior music the Beastie Boys have sampled.

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Useless Tools

One of my favorite individuals, Penn Jillette, was on the Nerdist Podcast a few weeks ago. He was telling one of the funniest stories I have ever heard involving a little person and a monkey. And towards the end of it he pointed something out that I can’t shake.

Mr. Jillette stated that most people cannot appreciate – deeply, honestly or personally – most art, music, culture or even experiences without tainting it. And we do that by being sarcastic, cynical or even ironic. And I won’t even go into how most people STILL don’t understand irony thanks to Alanis Morrisette.

We live in a time where one of the tools we use to conversate or comment with is to immediately be ironic about it or sarcastic. When so many people have the ability to view our comments or thoughts, it is easier to put an ironic slant to your comment or thoughts. In your head you may sound educated, but in reality you seem distant. The best example of this is the 13 – 25 year old’s. They think that the wearing of 70’s, 80’s and even 90’s clothes is hip. It’s an ironic statement for their fashion. They know they look silly, so it’s a sarcastic fashion faux paux.

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Just The Chorus

The other day my wife and I were in the car listening to a CD I made, because I make the best mix CD’s ever. I know you think you or your significant other does, but I make the best mix tapes ever. . . Where was I. . . in the car. Listening to the best CD ever and a Counting Crows song comes on. My wife and I are singing along, just belting out the chorus. If I hadn’t of had my seat belt on I would have been dancing my monkey butt off. Brighton is in the back of the van dieing of embarrassment, and the other three kids are just happy to be there.

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Can You Buy The N-Word?

This isn’t a post to justify saying the n-word. So relax. While driving in the car the other day a song came on the radio that was edited so you didn’t hear the dreaded word. And I got to thinking – Is it OK for me, a typical suburban white man, to sing along to every lyric in a song, that includes that word?

The only time you hear that word is in songs or movies anymore. If it’s in a movie it’s to let you know that whoever said it is really really racist and white, or a gangsta. But in songs, it’s used in choruses, verses and sometimes even the persons name. If you are an artist, and I use that term loosely since we are talking about rap here, don’t you want your song replayed and memorized and sang along to? I would think so.

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Samples – 2Pac

2Pac had the toughest looking gay tattoo on his belly. He also had Will Smith’s wife first. And she looks like a man. He made Aunt Jemimah bandana’s cool. He also looks like he loved World of Warcraft with his fancy finger tricks. Here’s a small list of samples he used. (Best segue way ever.) Read More…

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