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Smoking, Vacuuming and Church

This has been on my mind for the past few weeks or so, so now you get to read about it. I was recently privy (still no sarcastic font) to listen to a person recount how their family, or more precisely their children, had fallen away from church and everything they did to try and prevent (ultimately cause) that. I also found a reason to repost this super sexy picture of Miss Hurley. I will explain in a minute.

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The Truth Doesn’t Help

The Truth anti-smoking campaigns? Make me want to smoke.

Smokers are being huddled and shuffled and hidden from plain view. We have to save the children! Because you are too stupid to know that inhaling smoke might hurt you. And what is the great tool to save us from smoking? Showing us people who are smoking. And making them look like homeless people or on the verge of death. Because that’s the truth, right?

You know what would be awesome? If some religious nuts put together an anti-sex campaign. And it showed ugly homeless people doing it wrong. And then people with STD’s or too many babies can tell us it was all fun and games until reality hit. And now they are telling us the truth. Holy cow, I just got myself hyped up to see something that will never be. Now I am sad. . .

My opinion on why most people actually quit smoking? Not try to quit because it looks fancy, but actually really quit? Mostly for a personal reason, family members or a new girlfriend or boyfriend. Showing me some lady with her throat removed impersonating Darth Vader does nothing. By the time you are 5 you know what smoking does.

And every time you buy a pack of smokes it says 23 times that you are going to die. So thanks public announcements, you are the only ones reminding me what a cigarette is and that people smoke. And that homeless people are gross and do bad things.

Where’s All The Sexy Smokers?

Worth the risk

When I was growing up, it seemed everybody smoked. The mall, high school, parks, clubs, airplanes, airport terminals and even TV and movies.

And those images/memories are all covered in denim. Denim that was acid washed, shredded, jackets, shirts. On Nick at Nite all of the dads coming home to their families were enjoying a nice cigar or a pipe. If they were in a meeting and just scored a sweet deal – cigarettes all around!

And more importantly people looked like Miss Hurley here smoking. Who wouldn’t want to be around that? It was a great way to keep people baited on your next sentence. You could be telling someone about your crazy night. And right before you unveil that great ending, you pause to light your cigarette. Everyone in the club is being to loud? Excuse yourself to the patio for a smoke break. Need an opening line? Ask for a lighter.

How nature says stay away

Now, thanks to public service announcements and science, the smokers all tend to look like this guy/girl/it. Eww.

The public service announcements and scientists and even those annoying the Truth commercials have done something to the world. This past decade they have done to the world about smoking the equivalent of turning on the lights at a dance club after closing time. Nothing looks as promised. Just barely have we all caught a glimpse of what it looked like and now most of us are making up excuses why we have to work early tomorrow. Don’t call me, I’ll call you. Oh, my friends have to go and their my ride. Wasn’t your wing-man supposed to be helping you out here?

And we should be thankful. Because Mister Pigtails here plays for keeps. Except instead of cancer this guy makes you put the lotion in the basket.

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