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How To Dismantle An Adult

Kids have little to no fear of adults anymore. You think I am wrong? Sit in on most classes in a public school, or threaten to tell them you will some how retaliate against their behavior. There is no fear in them anymore. I used to firmly believe that it was because we can no longer hit them. And I was wrong. It’s because of the evil TV and movies! I might sound like a rally cry from the 50’s, but I assure you I am firmly rooted in at least the 80’s. I am at the tail end of the last generation that remembers it being OK to get slapped or spanked.

Watch any TV show geared at kids, or even any family movie. 99.99% of the time the adult is portrayed as a complete imbecile. They are perpetually bumbling around, not sure of their choices, confused about what they think or believe in, and NEVER in charge. It’s always the kids that are portrayed as the intelligent ones or the only people that are getting things done in spite of their parents.

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Vanilla Ice VS House Flipping

House flipping shows are the perfect filler for when there is nothing on TV. And once you start watching them, you are usually hooked or get stuck watching a marathon of them. But after watching these types of shows for a couple of years now, I have noticed something – Vanilla Ice does it the best. Well, not him, but his show. (And good news, his little eyebrow design has fully grown back in.) Let me explain –

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