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Things I Could Never Do

There are people out there in the world that perform certain jobs that there is no way in hell I could ever do. I am equal parts horrified and thrilled that they can perform these tasks so I don’t have too. (Like I was going to simultaneously pick up 10 careers at once; what am I, Oprah?) Here they are, no particular order, the jobs I could never do.

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The Oscars And Slow People

So the Oscars are here. This is Hollywood’s big night of self celebration that borders on a masturbatory level. The actors and everyone else involved with the movies being considered are all voted on by themselves. Not reviews, not box office, not even quality. Just them gathering in a little circle while they put one of them in the middle one at a time and shower them with praise and love. Then they do it over and over and you sit there for 3+ hours. . . why?

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Sometimes, no music is fantastic. Matt Mulholland spends his days taking awesome scenes from movies, and breaking them down A Capella style. His you tube channel can be found HERE. A few of my favorites can be found below. Be warned – I now have the Back To The Future theme song stuck in my head a capella style.  *I don’t know why, but his Ghostbuster’s breakdown makes me feel all good inside.

Back To The Future Skateboard Scene

Matrix Lobby Scene

Star Wars Darth Maul Scene

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